30 Minute Full Body Workout – Biohacking Machines

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30 Minute Full Body Workout – Biohacking Machines


Gimmicks have died, and results can be found by a quick google search. The Science Gym has been helping our members and private clients get the equivalent of a 2-hour full body workout in 30 minutes. We’ve invested over a million dollars into our gym and research to get the most optimized results from a workout through the use of biohacking machines and specialized training.

How Do We Do It? The Better Workout Using Biohacking Devices

We use the best equipment available backed with scientific research which changed how the fitness and biohacking communities understand muscle growth and gains. Your typical gym equipment leaves a lot on the table; in other words, they don’t maximize your workout during your full range of motion. Meaning you don’t get the full potential from the workout you deserve.

Think About Your Last Workout

Let’s jump into our memory banks real quick and think about the last time you used a bicep curl machine. Are you there? Good, remember how that bicep curl felt? You set your weight and then you pulled towards your body, and once you got as close as you could to your chest you started to let gravity help in the job of lowering your bar. Wherever gravity helps, you aren’t working out. This is just one example from one machine; it’s time to realize every machine has a fault just like this. Meaning approximately 50% of your workout is just wasted time.

How Did We Fix It? Introducing The ARX Machines

One of our secret weapons are the ARX machines. There are two different types of ARX, the Omni and the Alpha. Both use cutting-edge technology and research in order to solve some of the biggest problems when it comes to the health industry. Both ARX biohacking machines use specialized computer software along with motorized adaptive resistance. Therefore, both biohacking machines make sure your workout gets put to maximum use. This means fewer injuries and less time being wasted, as mentioned on the ARX website.

Try Safe Biohacking Now Only at The Science Gym

If you’re in South Florida and you want to peek into the world of safe biohacking, The Science Gym is for you! We’ve helped many people from all walks of life: from lawyers without enough time on their hands, to athletes that need to train harder, and even grandparents who want to be there for their grandchildren! It’s never too late to be healthy and we want to help everyone we can grow better faster. Click Here to check out our Membership Plans and Benefits! We also offer many other services such as Red Light Therapy, Somadome, ARX, Normatec, and More!

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