Safe Biohacking with Vasper – Earn an Athletes Cardio

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Safe Biohacking with Vasper – Earn an Athletes Cardio


When it comes to safe biohacking, Vasper interval training provides high-intensity (anaerobic) exercise without the time, effort, or stress it takes to achieve the same results as conventional exercise. The VASPER Method is a patented and proven method for performing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with no equipment in as little as 15 minutes a day. With this, you get to experience the only HIIT workout to combine interval training with a proprietary water technology that protects against oxidative stress and muscle damage. Now it’s available to anyone in Boca Raton and South Florida!

Our Stamp of Approval – This is Safe Biohacking

When it comes to Biohacking our primary focus is to remove the blinders. That is why years before we brought VASPER to The Science Gym we needed to be sure it was safe. After further research we found out it actually provided results way better than traditional training ever could. To understand the physical benefits Vasper provides, we’ve conducted our own research backed by supporting literature. Clinical Studies done by:

Adam Anz, MD Orthopedic Surgeon at the Andrews Institute, Gulf Breeze, Florida

Richard Henderson, MD Internal Medicine, area of interest diabetes, lipid management, Lubbock, Texas

Bright McConnell, MD At Charleston Sports Medicine, combines traditional orthopedics with cutting edge techniques in regenerative medicine. Charleston, South Carolina

Robert Cantu, MD, FACS, FACMD, FACS, FACSM Medical Director and Director of Clinical Research at the Cantu Concussion Center at Emerson Hospital in Concord, Massachusetts

David Zava, PhD Founder, CEO and Chief Scientist ZRT Labs, Beaverton, Oregon

Stephen Spates, MD Dr Stephen Spates, ND is a Naturopath based in Yakima, Washington

Grove Higgins, DC Known as “the movement doctor,” is a highly sought after rehabilitation, movement, and performance specialist, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

And that’s just to name a few. They all showed show that Vasper is not only safe, but revolutionary in its process! Something we can consider as safe biohacking. Many athletes and physical therapy facilities use Vasper in order to train and recover, however, most don’t want to pay the hefty fee of $30,000! This is why we made it our prerogative to bring Vasper to South Florida.

First You Must Understand The Vasper Method – A Safe Biohack

The VASPER System is the result of ten years of research. Based on three scientifically proven principles – compression technology, liquid cooling, and interval training. This provides the perfect combination of high-quality performance and functionality. The product’s adjustable cooled compression zones can be optimally adapted to each individual body part. This enables faster blood circulation, speeds up muscle recovery, increases muscle efficiency, and helps you keep your best muscles in shape for longer.

How VASPER Works – The 3 Lessons

Understanding the science behind VASPER comes down to 3 principles: Liquid Cooling — Compression — Interval Training.

Vasper 101 – Compression

Vasper sleeves are specially designed to maximize blood flow through your muscles. The compression sleeves cause your blood to drain away from the muscles being exercised which causes the muscles to tighten. As the blood re-enters the muscle tissue, it feels firmer and begins to contract harder. This causes the muscles to feel as if they worked out way harder than they actually have.

This improves blood circulation to the exercising muscle group and promotes oxygen delivery to the working muscles. This in turn helps you to achieve greater strength gains and workouts that are less frustrating. As a result, the Vasper system is also effective with people who have suffered car accidents, broken bones, or other injuries which have limited mobility. Injuries as such, unfortunately, mean their bodies can struggle to adapt making recovery incredibly difficult. But because of the VASPER’s compression process, it’s completely safe in this case.

Vasper 102 – Liquid Cooling

Sweating and increased workload lead to heat exhaustion. Which, in turn, leads to muscle damage and inflammation, resulting in pain. This is why VASPER’s liquid cooling is so great! It instantly lowers your core body temperature by running water through the compression sleeves, calming the body’s temperature. Now keep in mind, as the body’s temperature increases, blood vessels near the surface of the skin dilate, increasing blood flow to the skin, and leaving less blood and oxygen for the muscles. If there is not enough blood to remove lactic acid from the muscles, the body hits a wall and fatigues. Hitting a wall could stop anyone from athletes to individuals of any age. Therefore, remaining cool during exercise keeps blood oxygen levels high throughout the body, making exercising more efficient and pleasant. Cooling the body during the workout mitigates further physical stress and reduces existing pain and inflammation.

Vasper 103 – Interval Training

Vasper intervals are an effective and easy way to get results fast without pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. They train your body at extremely high intensity for short periods of time, burning fat and building muscle at the same time. This enables you to use shorter, more effective recovery sessions between hard bouts of exercise. Vasper interval training is recommended for anyone from athletes to patients in physical therapy.

Many who have used VASPER leave their session feeling more energized and alert with little or no deterioration of fitness. Vasper interval training is more effective because unlike other forms of exercise, it does not create a performance drop-off after a period of rest. Most Vasper users report no muscle soreness following their session. It’s designed to be a moderate, low-impact, non-damaging exercise session that still delivers the benefits of an intensive workout. Which are key points to keep in mind when it comes to safe biohacking and trying to obtain the cardiovascular health of an athlete.

Why Vasper is For You – Get an Athletes Cardio

The Vasper Method is a new and revolutionary conditioning system that makes it easy and convenient for anyone to achieve effective results with cardiovascular and muscle tone requirements. Vasper provides the individual with an effective training program using three principal methods: (1) compression, (2) liquid cooling, and (3) interval training. This comprehensive approach to exercise provides an effective strategy for achieving the desired physiological results over time without inherently exceeding the capacity of any individual to function at his best.

Try Safe Biohacking Now Only at The Science Gym

If you’re in South Florida and you want to peek into the world of safe biohacking, The Science Gym is for you! We’ve helped many people from all walks of life: from lawyers without enough time on their hands, to athletes that need to train harder, and even grandparents who want to be there for their grandchildren! It’s never too late to be healthy and we want to help everyone we can grow better faster. Click Here to check out our Membership Plans and Benefits! We also offer many other services such as Red Light Therapy, Somadome, ARX, Normatec, and More!

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