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Building Mass with The Science Gym

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Staying fit, healthy and building mass can be a complicated process. Having to consider the right amount of weight loss, the right weight to maintain, muscle development and even staying mentally healthy can be overwhelming. In my last article I discussed the importance of staying focused. Today, we’ll be diving into some tips you can follow once you’re focused, to start getting some quick results.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to building mass and as you know, it can be complicated. At The Science Gym, we specialize in making it simple so in this article, we’ll be talking about muscle development.

Many people around the world are actively working on building mass, and for a good reason. Having a lean, strong and muscular body is like a well oiled machine. You’re able to get through the days with the right amount of energy and focus, you feel good and you look good. Building muscles can also help protect you from injury, increase your endurance and also keep your energy evenly balanced throughout the day.

So I hope you’re beginning to see that building mass is about more than just lifting weights. That’s why at The Science Gym, we combine muscle development with other areas in the realm of strength and nutrition. So that you don’t fall into the common cycle of gaining and losing over and over. No one enjoys watching their results swing back and forth.

Here are a few of our tips on how you can build mass and get the body you want.

1. Eat more calories and protein.

If you’re looking to get bigger (in a good way), then you need to eat more. However, this means healthy calories and lean proteins. You can also try healthy supplements from our selection. When you’re working out, your body burns fuel (calories) and needs some core nutritional elements to recover. The more protein your body has, the more building blocks your muscles have to grow.

When you don’t get enough of those building blocks through the right calories and protein, your body will eventually turn to your stored fat and muscle for energy. If you’re lifting to gain muscle, but not feeding your body, your muscles won’t grow. If anything, they’ll shrink as your body needs the energy for your vital functions.

2. Watch your form

This tip is extremely important. Too many times when people exercise, they’re focused on the number of reps and not their form. Not only is using the wrong form a waste of time and energy, but it can also lead to severe injury.

When you put your muscles under tension during an exercise, they get tired. Tired muscles are very easily pulled or even torn. So, if you’re using the wrong form because you want to hit your goal for reps, you’re setting yourself up for injuries that could take months, or even years to heal. If ever.

Our ARX resistance machine completely removes this risk by working with your body and it’s capabilities to apply the right amount of tension. This means you can stop worrying about needing to understand the proper form for an exercise. Maintaining proper posture and movement throughout the workouts will be seamless so you can minimize your risk for injury.

3. Schedule Regular Sessions

Weight training must be done on a regular basis. There’s no way around it. This is why many personal trainers recommend 4 times a week. Giving you enough time to alternate core muscle groups; focusing on specific ones each day.

With The Science Gym, each workout session targets all the individual muscle groups. So that instead of isolating your workouts into 4, 5 or 6 days a week, two or three sessions a week will get you on the path to your results. Scheduling is made easy through our MindBody App that you can find the app store, and our monthly membership options allow you to save on your full body workouts.

The Bottom Line

Staying fit and building mass can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. For starters, if you want to grow, you’ll need to start eating more of the right foods. Most importantly, no matter what shape you’re in, it’s always good to know what your limits are and use the right form.

Once you’ve established good eating and good form, then all you need is to keep up the work through regular sessions. To learn how we can guide you to your goals for growth, click here.

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